Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skate Sharpening For Dummies

ideal man # 11: Pedro Cruz-Bardem

A wise reader asked me to take a look at this week baby Bardem-Cruz. For more convenience we'll call Pedro. No, this name was not chosen randomly but taking into account two factors: 1. Penelope and Javier is English and discreet, they no doubt we will avoid such dubious names Kal-El, Tim-Elvis, Phinnaeus Walter, Elijah Bob Patricius or Guggi Q and Rocco Mick Jagger 2. Almodóvar. Let us therefore on the cradle of the little Pedro with the critical eye of the fairy who was not invited at Cedars-Sinai to celebrate.

I failed you paste a picture out of a baby simulator,
but the child was a proof that all babies are not cute.

Pretender: Bardem Pedro Cruz, a few days old yet, but imagine that we are in 2029.

Objectively, it is ... son superstars of English cinema in full conquest of Hollywood, the godson of Almodovar and Monica Cruz, has brown eyes, brown hair and necessarily has inherited what his parents have more guns, because more and do more.

is the ideal man because ... as we said a little earlier, he recovered what these parents have more guns: the manly presence of his father, his mother's grace, the humor of the two (we bet, we bet). It has the natural elegance of those who have attended as artists since their childhood while being held alongside the star system. In addition, we are in 2029 and in 2029, dear reader, you hair cell age to be a cougar (or a wolf, if you're a player). Coincidence? I do not think.

Yes, but ... Pedro already has all the high school at his feet, open minds and also that his parents may be, they probably prefer to see a youngster of his age and mine risk a little annoying, when well even your skin fresh lifted would like a rash of child happy. And discretion is very nice, but what's the point of going out with a Bardem-Cruz if you're not - at least a little - in the spotlight?


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